Friday, July 8, 2011

Feature Friday!

I love looking through all the AMAZING ideas that are all over blogland and am so excited to share with you some of my favorite projects that the fun people following my blog have been up to this week! Go check these ladies blogs out you will be glad you did!!!

First, you know I always like to show off the people who take ideas they find on my blog and create their own project from them. It totally makes my day, and I get all warm and fuzzy inside :) so when Donna from My Sweet Things let me know she was inspired by my Tiered Planter I was so excited to show hers off to you! Here's Donna's, from My Sweet Things, Tiered Planter:

Lisa, from Simply...This.That. And The Other, is a new bloggy friend and I think her idea for a Condiment/Tea Light Swing is genius!! Wish I would have seen this before my 4th of July party!

You have to go check out how Jess from Balancing the Dream made this beautiful 3D Decoupaged Art. How fun to create custom artwork for your home!

Tasha from Frugalicious Me helped make a hats for a Mad Hatter themed 1st birthday party. You have to go see the rest of the party too! Cookies, an incredible cake and more. Talent! Talent! Talent! (Tasha also has a Pinkalicious Blog Party on Thursdays! All things pink and more! How awesome is that?! We were obviously destined to be friends :) )

And last, but not least, I wanted to re-feature a feature from my first Feature Friday because the project has become one of the top 5 finalist in a FB Coolest Space Contest! Remeber this cabintet to mantel transformation from Crafty Scrappy Happy?!

Gorgeous right?! I'm so excited for Jaime and would love it if you could take a second and go HERE to click one little button and vote for her space! The other 4 rooms in the contest are beautiful too so give them a looksy while you're at it!

Thank you so much to everyone who takes the time to stop by and visit and leave a comment every now and then and share little bits and pieces of my life with me! Thanks to the above ladies for their inspiration and talent! Have the best weekend ever you guys!!!!

(p.s. I don't have featured buttons yet, but if you'd like something to post on your blog so you remember that I think you're great feel free to grab my blog button off the sidebar :) )


Jess@Balancing The Dream said...

thanks for featuring my art!! you're awesome!! :)

Tasha Anderson said...

What a doll you are for featuring those crazy hats and mentioning Pinkalicious Thursday! Can't wait to see what you do next!
Have a great weekend!

Donna said...

Thank you so much for the feature and for the inspiration! You rock!

Jaime Lyn said...

Oh my gosh you are SO sweet!! Thank you so much for featuring my mantle again----I don't care if I win, I am just SO touched that you have been so SO amazingly sweet about me even entering! Thank you-you are a great friend!

And sorry I didn't see that you had updated your blog....I have no idea why it wasn't working on my dashbord, it looked like the last time you updated with when your little K got hurt. You are so great-seriously!

Anonymous said...

glad to know that everything is OK with your little one. Thank goodness. I appreciate your visit to my blog and your sweet comment. I actually did finish the door-art project over the weekend. Maybe not a first cousin to your adorable family rules project, but definitely somewhere there in the family tree :) take care, Diane

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