Friday, October 28, 2011

Skeleton Princess Costume

Are you holding your breath right now in pure excitement over the anticipation of the costume reveal of my little Kylee?! Whew, I am!! This has been a mad crazy week of costume decisions, costume failures, pin pricks, sore fingers, non-wash-off-your-hands-psycho-glue, tulle coming out my ears, all wrapped up in a glitter utopia. Perfection.

After failed attempts at obtaining a batgirl, spidergirl, and/or supergirl costume (can you tell her brother is being a superhero :) ) she was devastated and I was quickly losing time.

I finally took her to a Halloween store, gave her 4 costume choices and said, "pick ONE!" And of course since it was 7 days before Halloween they didn't have any good costumes in her size, so when she decided on the skeleton princess in a girls medium (she wears a 3T) I promised her I'd make her the skeleton princess costume of her dreams! :)

The one at the store was a grey skeleton with a silky white skirt...we went in more of the PINK direction! She is head-over-heels in love with it and her older brother (4) gives her rave reviews every time she puts it on, which makes her burst into a fit of giggles. Love.

To make this skeleton more princessy I opted for a tulle tutu. I've made these a few times and they're SO simple that I thought I'd include a quick tutorial in this post in case your little ballerina (niece, friend, neighbor) is need of one too!

1. Start with 1" thick elastic (mine is from JoAnns) and measure around the child's waist to see where to pin it. My little girl is almost 3 (granted she's on the tiny side) but my elastic measures 18". You'll want to cut a little bit extra so you have room to safety pin it so I think I cut about 20".
2. Cut your fabric into strips. I used black cotton and pink, black and silver tulle. I wanted her skirt to hang down about 9" so I cut 20" strips b/c you fold it in half and tie it around the elastic. (and mine are 2" wide)
3. Next slide the folded strip of fabric underneath your elastic
4. Then open the folded edge and guide the tail end of the fabric from the front and into the opening to make a loop
5. Pull the tails up through the loop
6. And tighten it by pulling downwards
7. REPEAT all the way around the elastic until your skirt is as full as you want!
While tying the fabric around and around the elastic, slide the elastic band up around your thigh. It helps keep everything in place, pull the fabric tight, AND make sure your getting as much fabric as you can on the band to get that really full look.

Next was the skeleton part. I picked up this long sleeve black shirt and black leggings from Walmart for $3.50 each. While Ky was wearing the shirt and pants I pinned where I wanted the bones to sit.

I then used the pink felt fabric above (idea to use felt from my dear friend Maranda who made some for her and her husband!) and free-handed some bones. After they were all cut out, I pinned them onto the shirt to make sure I liked how it looked and then spent the next 8 hours little while gluing them on with fabric glue. Maranda sewed hers on, but after my last 3 weeks full of sewing projects I'm on a sewing strike and opted to go with glue. :)

Ta-Da! All dried and ready for trick-or-treating!

When I saw this child's black witch wig at Walmart for $5, I knew it would add the perfect touch to her costume! I sprayed it all over with silver sparkle glitter spray (for hair), pulled 'em up into piggies (what we call pigtails), and tied some black and pink ribbons around the rubber bands.

Costume complete.

I was TOTALLY going to wait until Monday to post my kids in their costumes, but when I was going through editing photos last night I just could NOT help myself from including just ONE, itty bitty, sneak peek picture cause it's just too darn cute on her! Eeeek I love it! :)

Thank you so so much for stopping by today! I love sharing little bits and pieces of my life and crafting with you cause yall are just so darn nice! :) Have a SPOOKERIFIC weekend friends, I'll stop in just for a quick minute on Monday with some more costume pictures!!

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

20 Halloween Party Treats!!

If you're throwing a Halloween Party this weekend, or attending one that you're bringing a yummy treat to, here are TWENTY {20} different FuN ideas I've gathered from websites/blogs just for YOU! Some of these would also work to make for your cutie kids to take to their school Halloween Parties or to pass out to their friends! Enjoy!
*All of these can be found on my Halloween Ideas pinterest page as well*

Harry Potter fans????


Chocolate covered strawberry ghosts


Pixie Stix Treats


Edible Spider Webs


Trick or Treat Favors


SandWITCHes :)


Funny Bones


Spooky Punch


Pumpkin Dip IN a Pumpkin (could totally use this for thanksgiving too!)


Spider Tootsie Pops


Owl Cupcakes and Mummy bottles


Nutter Butter Ghosts


Monster Eyeballs


Pumpkin Bundt Cake


Ghost poop ;)


Ghost Party Favors


Deviled Spider Eggs


Witch's Brew


Graveyard Pudding Cups


Polka Dot Cake-Ummm Seriously??? AH-MAZE-ING! So fun!!


Hopefully that gives you some good ideas to finish up your party planning-in the treat department, or a good place to start if you're a procastinator like me! :) Oooh it's so close now I can just smell the chocolate...wait, maybe that's just the bowl of peanut m&m's sitting next to me. I'll admit to nothing. See you tomorrow girlies!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ping Pong Spiders

Since we are less than ONE week away from Halloween, I thought today I'd share a QUICK craft you can throw together in a half an hour and you probably have most of the items on hand! And since they're little, if you already have a house full of decorations these will just add the perfect, subtle touch of Halloween cuteness!

Ping Pong Spiders

Whatchya'll need:
-ping pong balls (you can get a package of 6 from the $store)
-halloweeny type fabric or ribbon
-glue gun
-pipe cleaners
-googly eyes

Whatchya'll do:
1. cut a square of fabric big enough to cover your ball
2. put a generous amount of hot glue on the bottom 1/4 of your ball, wrap the fabric tightly around ball and make sure it sticks to the glue on the bottom of the ball
3. trim off excess fabric. hot glue any gaps in the fabric to the ball so you have a nice tight, smooth wrap.
4. Make some legs out of pipe cleaners. I used 2 pipe cleaners to make 4 legs so a total of 4 pipe cleaners per spider. This will of course depend on the height of the legs you want your spiders to have. All 6 of mine are different heights.
5. If you use multiple pipe cleaners to make the legs, place a strip of hot glue down the side of the pipe cleaner and glue together so you get a uniform look.
6. Hot glue the legs near the bottom, outsides of the ball. That's a hot mess under there, but nobody will see it!
7. Glue on some googly eyes and you're done!

The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout...

You might notice that some of mine are not fabric, but ribbon! It's the same idea, just wrap the ribbon around and around the ball till it's all covered, gluing any stray strands on the underneath side!

You can do a whole batch of 6 in one naptime, EASY! Or if you don't have episode of your favorite tv show!

Don't ya think it'd be cute to use one to tie to a Halloween gift or something too to add a little flair! Ohhhh dear, I better find a gift to give just so I can do that! :) Here's to wishing these are the only spiders I find creeping around MY house! I'll see ya back here tomorrow with some AdOrAbLe last minute PARTY treat ideas! Have a Sweetly Lovely day today!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Felt Wreath

You know how much I LOVE DOVEY my wreaths, so I just couldn't help but make another one for the inside (you can see my outside wreath here) of my house! I love how my Valentine felt wreath turned out so I thought I'd give it a go for Halloween!

Want to make one too? Here's how!...
What you'll need:
-styrofoam round wreath (mine is 12")
-felt (I used 1/2 yard of black and 1/2 yard of orange but if you were going to make an all black or orange wreath you would need 1 yd.)
-straight pins

First trace a circle onto cardstock to be the size you want your felt circles to be (mine were 3"). Pin to your fabric to use as a guide to cut out all your circles.

You will cut A LOT of circles (I ended up with double of what you see here)!

Since I was doing 2 different colors I wanted them to be evenly placed around the circle, so I used a measuring tape and pencil to mark where on the wreath each color section would start/stop.

Now, start your wreath! Take one circle, fold it half and then half again. Then take one straight pin and poke it through the bottom tip of your felt.

It should look like this before you pin it to the styrofoam.

Then pin, pin, pin! I like the really FULL look so I pinned each felt triangle close together to fit as many on as I could.

Then I just worked my way around the wreath in sections till it was all full!

Love it!

So you're going to want to make sure to do the underneath and top...

...and the inside of the circle...

...and both out-sides to make sure you see felt no matter what angle you're looking at it from.

Whaddya think?! Festive? Easy enough?! And felt is super cheap so this is an in-expensive wreath to make-my fav!

Did you see this little guy popping out in the first picture?! I have a couple of these critters around the house and I'll show you the quick and easy tutorial for them tomorrow!

Thanks for dropping by today, I'm so glad you're here! Hope all your Halloween plans are falling into place...I'm about halfway through an interesting costume choice for my indecisive little girl-ha ha! See ya tomorrow!

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