Monday, October 3, 2011

Skeleton Vase

Good morning GOOD morning my friends!! Okay, so I'm super duper di-duper ExCiTEd to share my first official (not counting my Boo Wreath cause that was just to get ya' in the mood ;) ) October MaDnESs craft with you today! I kinda came up with this idea on a whim after I pulled everything black, white, orange and I-know-I-can-do-something-with-this-item into my living room. (If you've followed this blog for long at all you know that I am ALL about the quick, easy, inexpensive diy crafts so I always start by shopping my house!!)

My little boy LOVES skeletons (not like in a weird creepy death way, but in like the fun halloween way:) ) so when I saw some skeleton garland at the dollar store I grabbed it up and new I'd find someway to incorporate it into our fun decor! This Skeleton Vase adds the perfect touch to my Halloween mantle!

Want to make something similar??? Here's how we did it!

  • Dollar store candlestick (originally bright blue with orange cats-yikes! It quickly got a coat of sparkly black spray paint!!)
  • Halloween or coordinating ribbon to wrap around the candlestick (I think mine was from Walmart and I used it for several different projects)
  • Some type of vase
  • Black rocks, pebbles, marbles, etc (remember you could always use spray paint to color plain rocks you find outside!)
  • Tall white candle (TIP: if you only have 2 small candles, stack them together and tie a ribbon around where they meet to hide the line like I did!)
  • Skeletons from $store skeleton garland (they just untie right off the garland)

1. Slide the candle into the vase and pour half of your rocks around the candle.
2. Place skeletons around candle, pour second half of rocks into the vase to help hold the skeletons in place.
3. Place vase on-top of candlestick (If you want this to be permanent I would use some E6000 to glue the vase to the candlestick)
4. Display!

See what I'd tell ya?! So easy and you probably already have most of the supplies at home! There are SO many different ways you could do something similar to this and it could be so cute! What about skeletons freak you out or can you decorate with them?!

Thank you, thank you for being apart of LSL's October MaDnESs event! Check back tomorrow for a FUN kids ghost craft-that you'll BOTH love making, PROMISE!

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Carmella said...

fun, fun,fun! Decorating for Halloween is so much fun...I'll bet your kiddos are getting excited like mine are :)

Lorilee said...

Cute idea. I think I saw the skeleton garland at our local HEB Plus.

Maggie @ Midwestern {Sewing} Girl said...

What a fantastic vase! LOVE it! Thank you so so much for linking up to my Everything Halloween party! And congratulations on making American Crafter! Yay!!!!

Cheryl Nelson said...

So CUTE and FUN!! Congrats on making American Crafter!! I am so PROUD of YOU!!!

WhyCuzICan said...

Crafters like YOU are what make my eyes open wider when I walk into a Dollar Tree store (or one like it) what color it is NOW, but with spray paint, but it COULD be!

Love the new candle stick and the way you used it for Halloween!

Thanks for sharing!!
Visiting from Midwestern Sewing Girl's linky party {Everything Halloween}
~Suzanne in NW Illinois

Mommy Minded said...

Very Cute Idea!

southernscraps said...

Love it! I may have to make a trip back to the Dollar tree and copy this!

Jennifer said...

Very creative!!
Thanks for linking up to Show & Share!!