Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ping Pong Spiders

Since we are less than ONE week away from Halloween, I thought today I'd share a QUICK craft you can throw together in a half an hour and you probably have most of the items on hand! And since they're little, if you already have a house full of decorations these will just add the perfect, subtle touch of Halloween cuteness!

Ping Pong Spiders

Whatchya'll need:
-ping pong balls (you can get a package of 6 from the $store)
-halloweeny type fabric or ribbon
-glue gun
-pipe cleaners
-googly eyes

Whatchya'll do:
1. cut a square of fabric big enough to cover your ball
2. put a generous amount of hot glue on the bottom 1/4 of your ball, wrap the fabric tightly around ball and make sure it sticks to the glue on the bottom of the ball
3. trim off excess fabric. hot glue any gaps in the fabric to the ball so you have a nice tight, smooth wrap.
4. Make some legs out of pipe cleaners. I used 2 pipe cleaners to make 4 legs so a total of 4 pipe cleaners per spider. This will of course depend on the height of the legs you want your spiders to have. All 6 of mine are different heights.
5. If you use multiple pipe cleaners to make the legs, place a strip of hot glue down the side of the pipe cleaner and glue together so you get a uniform look.
6. Hot glue the legs near the bottom, outsides of the ball. That's a hot mess under there, but nobody will see it!
7. Glue on some googly eyes and you're done!

The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout...

You might notice that some of mine are not fabric, but ribbon! It's the same idea, just wrap the ribbon around and around the ball till it's all covered, gluing any stray strands on the underneath side!

You can do a whole batch of 6 in one naptime, EASY! Or if you don't have episode of your favorite tv show!

Don't ya think it'd be cute to use one to tie to a Halloween gift or something too to add a little flair! Ohhhh dear, I better find a gift to give just so I can do that! :) Here's to wishing these are the only spiders I find creeping around MY house! I'll see ya back here tomorrow with some AdOrAbLe last minute PARTY treat ideas! Have a Sweetly Lovely day today!


Jaime Lyn at Crafty Scrappy Happy said...

awhhh they make me so happy!!!! SO clever and simple! You inspire me!

Jessica :) said...

Is it so annoying that I comment every day on your blog? I love your blog - you're so real. Love that! And I love this idea. I can totally handle spiders if they are this cute. :) thanks ya for sharing!

cnelson said...

These are soooo ADORABLE!!!

Amy said...

Too cute! Great idea...glad you shared them at OAM!

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