Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Funnies!

Who is SOOOO happy that it's FRIDAY?!?! My best friend and her family are here visiting for the weekend and this girl makes me LAUGH!!!! Just in case you need a laugh too, I'm back with some more Friday Funnies to get your weekend off to a happy start! Sit back, relax and remember to laugh-life's too short not to! Enjoy!

(As always, these can be found on my pinterest board here!)


SOOO True! See...

Maybe this is why...

Totally doing this one day!!! ha ha!

You go girl! Or guy. I can't actually tell.

Yep...turkey on white please.

Oooooh snap!

I may or may not have crossed that line.

Wise wise words:

So don't worry about that spilt cup (or whole gallon) of milk on the floor, the crayon on the wall, or the smudge-prints on your freshly cleaned bathroom mirrors. Afterall, do we really need to add a headache to our day?! Laughing is so much easier on the soul!

Thanks for stopping by today, I hoped you laughed! Be sure to come back on Monday for the start of October MaDdNEsS here at Love Sweet Love! A whole month full of easy, quick, and cheap DIY halloween crafts, treats, etc! See ya soon!

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Dorian said...

Hi Angela! I found you at Naptime Crafter. Congrats on being selected, and best of luck! I was also selected (Dorian from Busily Spinning Momma #15) but am checking out all my fellow contestants. I am in LOVE with your hialrious pins! And just wanted to let you know I am a new follower! So happy to come across your blog!
Much love :)