Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Whatever Wednesday-Love Note

So sometimes I'm a snot. What?! I know, I'm a little surprised myself. But I'm dealing with it. Accepting it. Admitting it. Overcoming it? I wouldn't go that far, but maybe learning from it? Yes. Now I'm trying to learn from it. Being a snot is unattractive (obviously) and annoying at best and I'm learning that the only thing being sassy (the nicer way to say being a snot...I'm trying to help myself out here a little) does is make me UN-happy.

Over the last month or so I've made a really, really BIG, conscious effort to stop being a sass. I sometimes literally bite my tongue to keep from saying something hurtful or avoid making a comment that I know will send us into a 2 hour heated debate. This is especially hard when I {KNOW} :) I'm right and can't stand to just let it go. But I AM trying and I AM learning from my mistakes and I DO have a husband that is patient and shows me love when I DON'T deserve it.

One morning, after an especially *sassy* night, I found this love note it my bathroom drawer after the hubs had already left for work:

What you can't read that?! You don't speak computer cheec? (pronounced geek mixed with chic. Get it? Like the girl version of computer geek? Oh my gosh I'm so cool. Did I totally just start a new word?!) Ok fine...Let me help you out...

Still no? Really? Okay I'll decipher for all you un-computer cheec's. :) It's a QR code, which I'm sure you've seen EVERYWHERE. Back of magazines, newspapers, even my Taco Bell cup had one! They are codes that, using the QR code app on your smartphone(which we just recently acquired due to the non-stop begging of my husband...and we were up for new phones), allows you to scan the image using your phones camera which then gives you a message, takes you to a website, leaves you information about a product, etc. My dear sweet little husband wrote me my very own personal QR code, printed it out, and left it in my drawer(the poor thing just can't help it, he's a computer science major :) ) that, when scanned by my phone, read this:

I was really glad I was listening a couple days beforehand when he explained to me how to use the app!!!(cause sometimes during computer geek conversations I tend to tune out :))

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, so while doing both I taped it up on my bathroom wall to remind myself how lucky I am to not be married to a snot!

I love Mr. Sweet Love for being the opposite of me in almost every way, for not being afraid to be himself and for loving me-and showing it-in his very own, unique way, but most importantly for abiding by this:


Thanks for stopping in today!! I'm trying to get a little back onto schedule now that I'm home by-myself mon.-fri. several nights a week. A big thanks to the library for owning my husband from now till December. Blah. Pitty party ended...blogging beginning! ;-)


Just Jaime said...


Lolly Jane said...

that's adorable (:

Miss S. said...

Love this! Very sweet & cool!

Lorilee said...

How cool AND sweet!

Stuff by Ash said...

Awww! So cute Bobby! Random question, I have never really used a lot of vinyl on a real thing, do you use transfer tape when you do your vinyl stuff?

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