Monday, May 30, 2011

All About Me Monday

Organization makes me GIDDY. I see a label on something and my heart skips a beat. Add some color and SLEEK lines and I'm done for. This blog...not organized. Driving me CRAZY? Slightly. So for my very first 'All About Me Monday' I introduce to you the proposed Love Sweet Love organization plan. Wow, I'm such a loser! ha ha! Yet somehow I'm totally ok with that. :)

I love to read blogs where I feel like I KNOW who the writer is. You know...where I can just tell it's someone I could sit in my backyard drinking lemonade with, as we chat the afternoon away about our husbands lives. So as much fun as it is to copy be INSPIRED by others craft ideas, I love to get to know them through their blogs because I find I respect their work even more and I understand where their desire to CREATE comes from, which in turn inspires me!

All About Me Mondays will be just that. A time where I'll take a little BREAK from crafting and give you a little PEEK into me. Into my life and the things that make this little ol' brain of mine TICK. Sometimes it might be a brain dump-a chance for me to unload all of the things that circle round and round in my brain till I can get it all out! Sometimes it might be about my FAMILY. Or maybe it'll be something new I've learned and want to share with you. And sometimes it might even be a craft. Whatever it is, I hope you'll have FUN getting to know me and find that you want to come pop over to my place for some lemonade-as long as you don't mind being clamored by these two: