Monday, August 1, 2011

Car Organizer

You may have seen this car organizer from Decor-ganzie Crafts made from a shoe organizer around the blogs you peruse, or maybe you remember seeing it here as I featured it awhile back, but I have been wanting one for myself ever since I saw it!

Especially when she posted her embellished version-using duct tape!

When I was scouring our dollar store for some organization items for my laundry room (I'm pretty excited to show yall it!), I came across the 5 pocket organizer Heather used for hers and bought...a few :). I haven't embellished mine yet-just waiting to come across the perfect duct tape:)- but it still has cleaned up our car immensely! Love it!

Now when my vampire children squeal the moment sunshine pierces their beady little eyes, I can quickly and safely (versus twisting my neck in all sorts of uncomfortable and unnatural ways to find them buried under a seat or in between car seats) find them and all voices can return to a more pleasant pitch level. Just a quick reach behind the seat and voila!

Tissues for their snotty runny little noses? Check. Oh car organizer how I love thee.

And oh my little readers, how I love thee! :) Thanks for popping in to say hello! Have a wonderful, fantablous Monday! (And happy AUGUST! what?!)


Cheryl Nelson said...

Such a smart idea!!

Kristine @ JandMs Eye Candy said...

I've been meaning to put mine up!! Got the duct tape and everything... now just to sit and do it ?? :) Have a great first day of August!!

Alisa and Sky said...

That is a good idea!

Jessica :) said...

Wow. Really love this idea. My baby isn't old enough to need this kind of thing yet, but it might be a good idea to start the organization factor before she needs it, right? Then it will be in place when she does. Thanks for sharing! :)

Carmella said...

LOL...vampire children..I have one of those too :) he's always saying.."awww man, wish I had my shades" every single time the sun is out! This is a perfect idea for our car too...Oh, and I just saw some really cute polka dot ducked tape my wheels are turning! Thanks for sharing!

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