Friday, June 10, 2011

Feature Friday

I have been so lucky to have so many talented and kind people follow my blog and I wanted to do something to show them off, so each week I will spotlight a few projects that some of my followers have done so that you can be inspired by them as well!

This week I have been loving these blogs and their awesome creations! Carmella has become a blog friend through one of my other blog friends (isn't that so cool that I have blog friends-like real ones that I email back and forth with?!?! Okay I realize this is only cool to me, but I was pretty much ecstatic that I could make friends with some of the most talented people I know!) and she has been so kind, always leaving me the sweetest comments. Her whole summer mantel is beautiful, but I particularly love Creative Carmella's Beach Jar. You'll definitely want to make her blog one of your new favorites, she's got great ideas!

Bec was one of my very first "friends" in crafty blog world and as I've gotten to know her through emails and her blog posts, I have come to have a great respect and admiration for her and her work. She does simple, fun projects with great tutorials so you know you can do it too!
Little Lucy Lu's Pallet Bookshelves are SO fun and such a great place to store books so they're not all over the floor mis-treated. You have to stop by and see this great transformation!

I honestly cannot say enough nice, flattering things about Jaime! I've also been so honored to get to know a bit more about this amazing girl through emails and I can tell you she is beautiful on the inside and out and, as far as I'm concerned, has everything all figured out! She is a doctor, a wife, a passionate crafter and an UH-MAZE-ING up-cycler. I'm pretty convinced there is not anything this girl cannot do. You have to stop what you're doing right now and go check out Crafty, Scrappy, Happy's up-cycled Dining Room Table. Beautiful!

And because I seriously could not choose just one of Jaime's projects (Like literally flipped a coin and then just said what the heck I'll do 2) I had to show you her latest creation-her Cabinet to Mantel transformation. Incredible! She MADE this mantel. From a cabinet! Doesn't it look like it should be something out of a magazine?!

Another fantastic Jaime, is a personal-in real life-friend of mine who shares a blog with her sisters and mom (how fun!). This girl and I have spent lots of nights staying up WAY too late laughing, gossiping talking, dancing and being silly! After college we parted ways and she now lives too far away so it's fun to keep up through blogging! Those wayward girls have so much fun on their blog and the Wayward Girls Crafts State Canvas Art Jaime created is SO cool! I want one to represent my Texas roots! Go check out the tutorial, it's fantastic!

PC has been a follower of mine since close to the beginning of my blog opening and always leaves the kindest, sweetest comments for me! After seeing the post on my decorative kitchen jars she wanted to create some herself and I am in L.O.V.E. with the insanely creative way she made her own for ZERO dollars. I pride myself on being a very cheap thrifty crafter, but she takes it to a whole new level! You have to pay a visit to her blog and see how MeiJo's JOY's Decorative Candlesticks turned out by using water bottles and PVC bottles. Ya, you read that right. So cool.

And last, but not least, Heather! She is a sweet, fun, ORGANIZED blogger and her blog name says it all: Decor-ganize Crafts! Which, as defined on her blog, means the process of organizing something in a decorative fashion. I know...were we not destined to be friends. Seriously her blog gives me the pitter-patters and when you go check her out you'll see why! Well Decor-ganize Crafts Car Organizer is one of those things where you go, "duh! How did I not think to do that?!" It's genius! And it cost her all of ONE dollar!

Just this week she posted the embellished version. Simply Fantastic!

Thank you, thank you to all my wonderful followers! I'm so excited to be able to use my Fridays to spotlight YOU! Got a project I would love? Make sure you're a Sweet Love follower so I can spotlight you! Thanks for hanging out with me today, we'll catch you back her Monday with some awesome Parental advice on "back-talk". (definitely NOT my advice, this advice actually comes from a professor of family psychology so it'll be totally legit :).) Have a wonderful, summery weekend wherever you are!


Just Jaime said...

Angela, I love you! You are so good to me! Thanks for the feature! I love your blog!

meijo's JOY said...

Oh...Thanks for featuring my insane-copycat-craft...Love you, PC

Jaime Lyn at Crafty Scrappy Happy said...

Angela, you are beyond amazing and I feel SO SO SO lucky to have met you via blogging and to have become great friends! Thank you for your sweet words, they really means so much to me! Seriously, you are such a wonderful friend! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Bec@littlelucylu said...

Oh Angela ... you are such a sweetie pie!
I'm so glad we get to be great boggy friends (and I KNOW we'd be great real-life friends, too!).
Thank you for your graciousness - always. You are so special!
~Bec :-)

Carmella said...

Angela...thank you so much! I have so loved getting to know you! Who knew just by starting a blog and sharing a bit about what I like to do, it would open the door to so many wonderfully encouraging friendships... you, my friend, inspire me! And a big shout out to Jamie Lynn for helping us meet! (I'm also very sure there isn't ANYTHING that lady can't do!)
I hope you have a wonderful weekend, thanks for making mine great already!!

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