Monday, June 20, 2011

All about {not} Me Monday

I really try to get my posts up early in the morning throughout the week, but our weekend kinda kept going into today since the hubby was off work and the weather was BEAUTFIUL today (cloudy, rainy and cold yesterday :( ) so we had to take advantage and we played ALL day today! (as well as worked on a few craft projects!! Gotta take advantage of that great spray-painting weather!) so NOW onto All about Me Monday!

Which will actually have nothing to do with me today, but rather {first} my mom and {second} Mr. Sweet Love.

I am SO excited to wish my mom a VERY HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY!!!!!
I took this photo 2 weeks ago while we were waiting for my little sisters baby to be born at the hospital!

For a little tribute to my mom on this blog, I thought I'd share with all my Love Sweet Love readers a portion of the post I wrote on Mother's day on my personal family blog:

***I'm also so grateful for a mother who taught me what the word mother truly means. She is the greatest example in the world for me and my greatest fear is that I won't be able to be the same mother to my kids as she was to me. Her love and support in all I do means the world to me and I'm so glad that Jesus gave me her (the last part is in reference to a story about my little boy I wrote in the same post:) )***

She now has FOUR grandchildren and has been at the hospital for each baby that has come into her family. That is the kind of person she is. Dependable, compassionate, positive, helpful, thoughtful, loving and encouraging (to name a few :) ). I kinda love her a lot!!! Happy Birthday Mom!

Our Father's day (although rainy) was perfect! Great church service, long naps, steaks on the grill for dinner with our best friends and a sweet gift from the kids (ie ME) :).

*photo edited using picnik
*Poem: Walk a Little Slower Daddy

I know I blabbed on and on a *little* on Thursday's Post about how fantastic he is, so as to not be too lovey dovey (I'll save that for our anniversary next month:) ) I'll just suffice it to say he's a stud. A total, off the charts, all around S.T.U.D. And my kids are pretty much the luckiest darn kids around. They think so anyway...

Love these "outtakes"! :)

Thanks for sharing a little of my life with me today! I'll be back here tomorrow with a BLOG SWAP with one of my bloggy BFF's, so you'll definitely want to stop in and see her fantastic project! Have a good night sleep friends!


alena said...

Super cute pictures of Bobby and the kids!!

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