Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Yarn Wreath

I've seen lots and lots of yarn wreaths on blogs everywhere and while intrigued by the idea was intimidated by the task. Wrapping yarn as closely together as possible around and around and around to cover an entire wreath seemed a little tedious for my zero-patience personality.

As you can see my intrigue won over my intimidation-mostly because Hobby Lobby had yarn on sale for less than $2.50 (and I have tons left ha ha!) and the dollar store had a wicker wreath that was small enough that it if I hated every second of it at least it would be only minuets wasted and not hours!

I have to say, I actually really love how it turned out and it was nowhere near as tedious as I thought it'd be so if you're thinking about making one give it a go! (and it won't hurt to do it on a night when your husband will be gone and you can pop in a chick flick! I'm just sayin...) This is the actual wreath I used for my burlap wreath, but it was the same style for the yarn one just smaller-I think it was a 9 inch round.

Because it wasn't a smooth wreath like the styrofoam ones (just didn't want to pay $5 for something I wasn't sure I was going to like:) ) I wanted to give it a little padding so that when I wrapped the yarn it would be a little smoother and not look like...a dollar store wreath. :) I used some white felt cut into about 1.5 inch strips wrapping it and hot gluing as I went.

After it was covered in felt I began wrapping the yarn tightly around. You will want to take the time and make sure each time you go around with the yarn it lays right next to the yarn you wrapped before it so none of the wreath is peeking through. In some places I went around a few times over and over just to make sure it was fully covered.

After she was all wrapped in my bold springy green...

...I made some rolled flowers to Sweeten up her Loveliness!

Then they were hot glued to the lower left corner.

And of course they needed a little embellishment!

I didn't have a wreath holder-by definition-so I covereted my large candlestick into one! Why not right?!

I love all these happy, bright, sunshiny colors together! If only the weather here would get the same message! If it's cloudy where you live today, go make something bright and cheerful it will lift your spirits, scouts honor! See ya back tomorrow when I'll show you all my spring decor put together!


Mary Beth said...

you convinced me to make one

dixonfamily said...

I love this!!! You are so cute and crafty!! And congrats on being featured on "Just a Girl"!!!! That is awesome!!

Tonii said...

I am in love with your blog! I just found it on the Running with Glitter Linky Party and am your newest follower! That yarn wreath is too cute...and may just be the perfect craft for me while I am on bedrest :) Really great ideas, thank you so much for sharing!

Cheryl Nelson said...

LOOOOVE the colors! So fresh and FAB!

Michelle said...

Love the bright spring colors. I have been scared to try one too because of my lack of patience. Looks great. At first the silhouette of the candlestick looked like a giant flathead screwdriver. I thought, how cool, where inthe world did she get that?!THanks for linking up with DIY under $5.

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