Monday, April 11, 2011

Jellybean Topiary

How about a quick, YUMMY, craft for today?! I saw this cutie patootie idea when I was getting ideas for my Candy Jar over at THIS crazy cute blog!

I had this cute Easter pot that I got last year for $1 at Hobby Lobby when it was 80% off after Easter. I filled it with a green piece of Styrofoam (from $store) and some dollar store moss.

Next I spray painted a styrofoam ball a light green color (both of which I had from making split-pea balls for a kitchen decoration-it sounds weird but I promise it's cute, trust me you'll see!) Then my little 4 year old and I hot glued jellybeans (I used slightly less than 1 dollar store bag) around in circle after circle until the ball was covered. Well...I hot glued. He handed me the jellybeans in the color order he wanted. :)

To hold the ball in the styrofoam you could use a wood dowel purchased from any craft store, but trying to be the cheapy me that I am :) I figured I could finagle something into a stick! Remember these hearts from my "card tree" for Valentines day? Those hearts were actually picks that I broke off and then glued to mini clothespins. And of course me being me I kept the picks and good thing I did!

I hot glued three picks together, spray painted them green, and hugged some Sweet Love around her with purple ribbon!

Most of my spring crafts this year have been bright, bold, fun colors (I need something to pull me out of this gray, snowy, cold winter already!!) but I love that I have a little somethin' somethin' that is soft and pastelish amid all the wowzaz's (totally made that word up).

Thanks so much for stopping by my little blog today, I hope your Monday is fabulous!! I have another fun $store wreath coming up for you tomorrow. I know. Be excited. :)


Anji78 said...

Lovely Easter tree!

Cheryl Nelson said...

super cute!

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