Saturday, April 9, 2011

Easter Countdown

I don't know about your little kiddos, but mine get down right giggly over counting things down. Days till Auntie Amanda gets home from her mission, hours till daddy gets home from work, their required bites of food to get dessert, and of course number of days till the upcoming Holiday! I wasn't quite sure how I wanted to do a fun Easter countdown until I saw THIS post from Lyndsey-who was guest posting on Lolly Jane Boutique. Thanks girl, you just gave me best mom of the month award from my little ones!

She used a cookie sheet with magnets for hers, but when I found this beauty at the DI for .50 I decided to go in a bit of a different direction.

Spray paint and I had a spark the first time we met and I just knew we'd be together for aLONG time. I use spray paint on anything and everything and it's just as much a staple in this house as milk and bread...and Oreo's. So I showed this tray some sweet love by giving her a nice coat of white paint. (the direct to plastic kind by Rustoleum)

When I first scouted out our DI and couldn't find a cookie sheet I was super bummed that I wouldn't be able to do this project, but as I sat and stared at the dusty, over-piled shelf of knick-knacks, inspiration finally hit and I realized I could get the same thing with plastic and velcro! So I cut 12 little squares from velcro I already had and spaced them-as evenly as I could; i'm too impatient to measure-in 3 rows. (The words on top are vinyl cut from my cricut using the font BoyzRGross)

I picked up 2 packages of plastic eggs from the dollar store (they only came in packages of 8) and stuck a small square to the back of each egg. (The velcro has an adhesive on the back) and then stuck the eggs to the tray!

It sits on our kitchen table just waiting for April 13th so the COUNTDOWN can begin!

The activities our eggs have in store for us are (and yes I stole some of them from the blog):
  • Get Easter books from the library
  • Color Easter pictures
  • Play pin the nose on the bunny
  • Easter scavanger Hunt-I already know this will be the favorite! :)
  • Dye Easter eggs
  • Make Tissue paper eggs
  • Easter treat for the neighbors
  • Make Easter bunny cupcakes
  • For FHE study the story of Jesus Christ's resurrection
  • Make Easter cards for grandparents
  • Go on a Spring Nature walk looking for birds nest, bugs, flowers, etc. (if it ever stops snowing that is!)
  • Make a bunny mask
Have a wonderful weekend, I'll be back Monday to share a little jellybean fun!


cnelson said...

So cute! So fun! You are the BEST mom!!

Diana Waite said...

this is such a FUN idea!

Sylvia said...

You have a lot of beautiful projects, Angela! and you must be the queen of spray paint. I wish I could do have as good as you, my paint just runs or bubbles up or there isn't enough of it. I gave up on it years ago! I am going to send my dil over, I think she would really like your blog. I came from your mom's blog, are you celebrating, too? Have a wonderful weekend, Love this Easter Countdown tray.

Angi Barrs said...

Altered projects are my fave. I found out about you over on your mom's blog. Cute stuff & I'm a new follower. :)

Luz Maria Bruna said...

This is so very pretty and creative!!! You have a beautiful blog!

Alisa and Sky said...

Cute idea...i still have time to make this in time for the countdown :) Way to inspire me sis!

Unknown said...

I am just popping over from your mom's blog.. And she was right.. You are sooooo talented. I will be back to see more of your wonderful creations..


Anonymous said...

Wow! I absolutely LOOOVE this idea! My baby girl is barely 7 months old and wouldn't be able to do much with this yet, but I am DEFINITELY keeping this in my list of "crafts I want to do someday!" This is so genius and absolutely adorable!!

Thanks so much for linking up with So Sweet Sundays! I'm now following you, as well. :)

Whit said...

What a stinkin cute idea. I love it. I will for sure have to do this next year when my little man is a littl eolder and will appriciate it more. Thanks for the inspiration. I am visiting from someday crafts linky party. come and say hi

Jessica said...

OMG, this is sooo cute !!!!😄😃😘 i wish i could do the same as you !!!💩

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