Thursday, March 31, 2011

Valentine Scavenger Hunt

Then the craziest thing happened! While Bobby and I were cleaning the kitchen we saw Cupid in our living room! We ran back to the kids room to tell them to come quick but by the time they ran out he was already gone!:( BUT he did leave them this little heart with a note on the couch.

The note said...
Clue #1: Today is about LOVE & family & friends and giving big kisses and Hugs that don't end. If you want to find the gift from yours truly, go look in the place where you watch Scooby Dooby!

"The COMPUTER!" Tyler screamed!
and they were off to find the next clue. Clue #2:
Nope it's not here sorry that was tricky, but don't give up yet that'd be too picky! I'll give you another clue & try not to be mean, go look in the place where you wash your body clean.

Clue #3:
Yay you found me you're off to a great start, keep going like this and you might steal my HEART! The next clue is hiding in a place that is cold, where you put milk & cheese so it doesn't grow mold. :(

I knew Tyler would love this, but I couldn't believe how much Kylee got into it! She was laughing so much and was so excited that everything that came out of her mouth was a high-pitched squeak!

Clue #4:
Now you've got the hang of it look at you go, keep up your pace don't get too slow. You'll find you next clue playing in Cinderella's house, but you better beware of her little grey mouse!

Clue #5:
The more that you know the closer you get to claiming your prize, are you ready...get set! Your next clue is waiting alone in the dark, in the place you get mail, right next to the park.

By now Kylee understood that you read the clue and then you run as fast as you can to the next place so here tyler was trying to figure out the clue and Kylee was taking off running saying, "hurry Tyler come on!!!"

Clue #6:
You're almost done now just a couple more clues, keep doing what you're doing you just can't lose! This clue you'll find where Tyler sleeps at night, when mom tucks him in under blankets just right.

Clue #7:
CUPID'S my name, LOVE is my game, if you've had fun you have ME to blame! The gift you've been seeking is awaiting your peeking at the place where we go if we want to be eating!

They ran to the kitchen table and found their sweet Valentine treats from Cupid. Powdered donuts and strawberry milk for Tyler (his fav) and chocolate milk for Kylee (her fav). I love that tyler's cheeks are all red and his hair's all sweaty from running around. Here he was yelling, "DONTUS!" (this is their favorite treat right now)

She was thrilled that she had a prize!!!

Thumbs up Cupid!

If you can't see she has a donut in each hand and is drinking her choc milk.

After their treat they played with these plastic hearts cupid left for them as well for almost 30 min! We found that they're almost as much fun as hitting each other with pillows!

As we were cleaning up in the kitchen we heard Tyler say, "This was the BEST balentines ever!" Hope yours was too!!


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