Thursday, March 31, 2011

A spiderific birthday party!

Since Spiderman decorations and party supplies are ridiculously expensive I wanted to make pretty much everything for Tyler's party myself. I attempted to make the NYC skyline-using my cricut to cut out shapes to make the buildings-that I then glued on a poster-board and hung on the wall.

I just printed off a couple spiderman images I found through google and put them on the poster and a few throughout the front room.

Made a couple words on poster-board to fill in some white space.

The only thing I bought-this spiderman poster-that Tyler is currently obsessed with! One of the best 5 bucks I've ever spent. :)

I hung up a spiderweb made from crepe paper and put up a few of the ping-pong spiders I made at Halloween.

Outside I was hoping to put up some signs (similar to the dinosaur ones we had up for his party last year) that said, "No Villans allowed", etc. and make a big spiderweb that stretched between the 2 pillars, BUT it snowed LOTS every day for days before his party and we weren't sure what the weather would be the day of the party so I opted not to make anything to go outside (except for a few red, black and blue balloons). It turned out that it didn't snow the day of but this is the pile we had in our yard. (which was later turned into a snow cave!)

I made the party favor bags which said, "Thanks for swinging on over to my party." Inside there was spiderman fruit snacks, pop rocks, a spiderman 'magic' towel, a silly straw and a party popper (those things where you pull the string and it makes a bang and confetti explodes-which by the way-Bobby popped one right behind me and I screamed fairly high pitchedly while jumping so high I think I pulled something when I landed. It was the highlight of Bobby's day. Ugh.).

The party was in the middle of the afternoon so we just did Cake and Green Goblin punch-Lemon lime soda and lime sorbet.

Bobby was super busy with school the week before so I did everything except for the cake. I gave him full responsibility for designing it, baking it and creating it.

I think he did a pretty awesome job! And Kylee had 3 pieces-which if you know Kylee is A LOT.

Tyler was STOKED when we surprised him with a spiderman costume to wear to his party the morning of. (Thanks to our friend Lindsey for letting us borrow it!!!)

We started out by having the kids make superhero masks while we waited for everyone to arrive. (PS I cant wait till we can get a full size table so we can do stuff like this on a table instead of the floor! ha ha)

Cute Macey and Mindy

The first game we played was the Web walk. Like a cake walk, but I made webs for the kids to walk on during the game and numbered each one 1, 2, or 3. When the music stopped I would call one of the numbers and whoever was standing on that number would get a prize.

Everybody walking and silly Macey just dancing in the middle. Her and Kylee didn't quite get the hang of the game. :)

They loved the webslinger that was their first prize. (strips of yarn hot glued to the tips of each finger on a glove. They put their hand in the glove and then ball up the yarn in their palm and then sling their web!)

The next game was the Spiderman Super Powers test. First we tested their spidey vision...

...using pictures like this:

and this:

and this...

I took pictures of 15 random objects throughout my house upclose and had them guess what they were and then would reveal the actual object. The ones above were some of the harder ones. Can you guess them?

Next we tested their spidey hearing by playing short clips of different sounds (train, helicopter, brushing teeth, etc.) and had them guess what they were.

I was also going to test their spidey taste (blindfold them and have them taste different foods) but the party was only an hour and half so I decided to cut this one due to time.

The last game we played was pin the spider on the web. Lindsey blindfolded them, Bobby handed them their spiders...

...and I led them to the web.

Some of them got it SO close to the center of the web! I was seriously impressed! The prize for the winner was a spiderman book.

I had also planned on doing the game: Web wrap (put them in teams of 3 or 4 and give each team a roll of toilet paper. The team chooses one child to wrap in TP and the first team done wins) but ran out of time so it didn't happen, but I think the boys really would have liked this!

Next was cake...

Which, as previously mentioned, Kylee loved.

And then on to presents!

Such a fun group of kids! L-R
Seth, Logan, Luke (Tyler's BF), McKensie, Paul, Kate, Jake, Tyler, Emma, Macey, Finlee (Kylee was getting cleaned up from cake)

I think I'm starting to get the hang of this boy thing. I see many more "hero" parties in our future!

P.S. answers to the above pictures :) :


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