Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thanksgiving Decor

While the turkey was in the roaster, the sweet potatoes were in the oven and the bacon-wrapped smokies were in the crockpot, I snapped a few pictures of our fun Thanksgiving decor.

Rustic Hurricane Vase

Lantern with leaves and candle

My sister gave me half a topiary that she had been working on for her decorations but decided not to finish it cause she had already done another one, so I brought it back with me from St. george and finished it up. The top half...

...the bottom half. (Micheals was all out of the sparkly, leaf stems I had been using so I had to supplement with plain fall leaves on the bottom but I think it turned out all right)

Fall is my second favorite holiday to decorate for (Christmas being my first-post coming soon!) because the colors are so warm and welcoming I think. My living room is pretty much the same colors that you use for fall (for that reason that I think they bring such an inviting feeling :)) so my whole house seems to just fit together! I love it!

I got these adorable pumpkins at Micheals for $3.99 for a set of 8 and placed them in this vase on top of the TV.

For FHE we did a gratitude tree and filled up leaves with things we are thankful for. I was pretty impressed with Tyler (and Kylee who was repeatedly thankful for snacks! :)) and the many, many, many things he came with. Children are such a great reminder to be thankful for even the littlest things in life!

I was really excited when I found this gorgeous tray for $5 at Hobby Lobby. It's not a great picture, but I'm still trying to decide where I can use it...

This year before we ate dinner, Mindy asked us if we would each say one thing that we were thankful for. Tyler said he was thankful "for the temple", bobby said he was thankful "for his beautiful wife" :), Kylee said she was thankful for "snacks", and I said I was thankful for bobby's job. At times it can be easy to complain about what we lack, especially when we compare ourselves to those around us (or people far away that we blog stalk!). I admit that I have grumbled a time or 2 that we only have one car when life would be drastically easier with 2 cars, or that we're still living the "student" life when others my age are well past that, or that I don't get to shower as often as I'd like to :), but when it's all said and done I have EVERY THING in life that matters and then so much more. We have at least one car that runs, has heat/air, doors that open and close (fond memories of that minivan mom. fond memories.), is easy on gas, and is completely paid off. Although we're still in school, Bobby has a great job that he enjoys (most days), pays bills and provides us with insurance. Not showering means that I spent more time with my kids, got in a couple extra hugs and lots of extra I love you's!

I think that if, as parents, we have a grateful attitude and happy spirit about us our children will notice that and learn to be grateful for the things they have and not complain about what they don't have. If they hear us complain about not having "things" they will also come to base their happiness on what "things" they have. But if they hear us rejoicing over that which we have, the things that really matter in life, and finding joy in our homes amongst our families they too will grow to have a spirit of gratitude. I loved her point of view on that and was so thankful that she said just what I needed to hear! It was a wonderful message to have before thanksgiving, but I've thought about that over and over as we have begun to prepare for the Christmas season. I want my kids to know how much I love my Savior. How thankful I am for His life and ministry on this earth and for the family that he has blessed me with. How excited I am to celebrate His birth this year and focus on learning more about Him, His works and how I can be more like Him. With this focus I hope that my kids will also come to know Him and learn to value the many, many things they have been blessed with.

I love, love, love my family and am so thankful for the absolute, complete joy they bring to my life! (nightly horsey ride on daddy)

look at that sweet face...

Tired daddy!

And now...Let's bring on Christmas!!


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