Thursday, November 17, 2011

DIY $6 Tablerunner

Ok so I have the easiest thing In. The. World. for you today. And since all fall decor is on SUPER clearance right now (hobby lobby just knocked theirs down to 80% off yesterday!!!) now would be the perfect time to pick up some fallish place mats and make...
a Tablerunner!!!

I actually picked these 4 place mats up last year after Thanksgiving for $1.50 each with the idea of turning them into pillows this year. (sewing the sides of two place mats together and stuffing in batting or a pillow form)

BUT when I was pulling out all my fall stuff and arranging and re-arranging things around my living room and kitchen these were tossed onto the kitchen table, and as I was about to stuff them back into the box to await time for me to turn them into pillows I thought...hey these would make a PERFECT, simple tablerunner!

I overlapped each place mat by about 1" and sewed a straight seam down, placing the 2 red mats in the middle and the 2 gold ones on the outer ends. That's it. One step. Done!

I'm not sure in measurements how long it ended up being with all 4 place mats sewn together- and I'm not even a little bit embarrassed to admit I am too lazy/comfy/selfish to get up right now, clear everything off the table, and lay it out flat to measure it-so it ended up this long (minus what's tucked into the door frame to keep it from falling as I snapped a pic):

Long. But that's ok. I'm making it with my future dream dining room table in mind. :) Or for a front entry way table, or coffee table,etc. But since right now we have a cozy, little hand-me down table that we are currently making our memories with, it goes right here and I love it!

Since I stuffed every leftover Fall decoration onto my table, it was already busy with decor so I needed the runner to be something simple, yet substantial. Ya know...hold its own but not take over. Something that could say, "Hi, I'm here backin' up the main event." Not, "WOWZA check ME out!"

I think...not too bad for 6 bucks! Whaddya think? Does this work?! (you can find a tutorial for the give {thanks} charger here)

Thanks for popping in today! I hope all your Thanksgiving plans are coming together nicely, just ONE more week! Anyone elses belly's starting to grumble for stuffing and sweet potatoes and TURKEY and pie?!?! Or do you do more non-traditional things for Thanksgiving dinner? See you tomorrow my lovelies!


Jessica :) said...

I think it definitely does it's job backin' up the main event. :) I like it. And yes, I am so looking forward to Thanksgiving! {even if it does mean Christmas is that much closer! eek! I'd better get organized....}

cnelson said...

Turned out beautifully! LOVE this idea!!

Karie @ The HoB said...

What a great way to make a table runner! Hopped over from TT&J!